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Maintenance Contractor
The Valli Vue water system maintenance contractor is Northern Utilities Services. They can be contacted at 907-222-4084. 

As-Built Maps
To view either the West Half Map (left) or East Half Map (right) click on either image for a larger view.  To open the PDF version of the maps, click on the buttons below each image.



West Half Map - Contains Information for Houses on Streets:

  • Lone Tree Drive

  • West Tree Drive

  • Corner Tree Drive

  • Brown Tree Circle

  • Green Tree Circle

  • Red Tree Circle​​


East Half Map - Contains Information for Houses on Streets:

  • Crooked Tree Drive

  • Crooked Tree Circle

  • Round Tree Drive

  • Round Tree Circle

  • Double Tree Court

  • East Tree Drive

  • Main Tree Drive

  • Lone Tree Circle

  • Ridge Tree Circle

Home Water Shutoff

Call Northern Utilities Services to have your water turned off (or back on) at the street for downstream plumbing work (e.g., replacement of the in-house shutoff valve).  There is no charge to the homeowner for this service.

Current Water Quality Report
Click here to view the current water quality report.

Water Quality Reports are issued by July 1st for the previous calendar year.

Other Information

Click here to view a PDF (1792K) of the Valli Vue Water System Tariff document.

Click here to view a PDF (525K) diagram of the Valli Vue Water utility shut off valve location.

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