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Limited Road Service Areas (LRSA) are service areas, established by the Anchorage Assembly under Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC) Title 27, to provide limited road maintenance services for rural roads on the Anchorage hillside.

Each LRSA Board determines the scope of work and directs the contractor doing the road work. The work consists of summer grading, road repair work, pothole repairs, drainage ditch clearing, dust control, snow removal, and ice control.

The Anchorage Municipal site can be found here.

Valli Vue roads are maintained by the Valli Vue Limited Road Service Area (LRSA) Board. The LRSA Board is a separate group from the Valli Vue Homeowners Association. Funds for the Valli Vue LRSA maintenance and repair activities come from a portion of the property taxes each homeowner in Valli Vue pays to the Municipality. For questions or concerns regarding the Valli Vue roads, road maintenance, winter plowing please contact Russell Butler at

Valli Vue Map

This aerial view of Valli Vue is made possible by AeroMap U.S. which holds the copyright of this image taken on May 6, 2000.

Click on the image below to enlarge.

Street Lights
Chugach Electric Association is responsible for Valli Vue street light repair and maintenance. The Chugach Electric hotline phone number for street light problems is 762-7676. Please be ready to describe a street address near the light.

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