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Welcome to the Valli Vue Estates Homeowner's Association (Valli Vue)

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This site is intended to provide our neighborhood with a ready means of accessing meeting schedules, meeting minutes, current activities, board and association contact numbers, subdivision covenants and related information.

Valli Vue was developed in the early 1970s as a premier hillside subdivision of some 229 lots. Each lot benefits by restrictive and enforceable covenants, paved roads and a community water system that supports our fire hydrants as well as providing some of the best water in Alaska. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this site please forward them to the the email listed on the contacts page.

Valli Vue Homeowner's Board of Directors


LRSA Ditch Project

The Valli Vue Home Owners Association (HOA) board would like to explain the
complementary jurisdictions of the HOA and the Valli Vue Limited Road Service Area
(LRSA) in our neighborhood. The HOA and LRSA are separate legal entities with
separate realms of responsibility and authority; neither can direct the actions of the
other. The HOA is a non-profit corporation vested with two primary functions: 1)
maintenance of the community water system and common areas and 2) enforcement of
the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions that define how each lot can be used. The
HOA has no authority regarding the roads, which are owned by the Municipality of
Anchorage (Muni), or the ditches, which the Muni manages as a right-of-way across the
front of each lot.

The roads and ditches are expressly managed by the Valli Vue Limited Road Service
Area (LRSA), an entity established by the Muni, consisting of a Board of Supervisors we
elect via regular Muni elections. The LRSA board members are volunteers tasked with
maintaining the roads and ditches to Muni standards using private contractors hired by
the Muni and paid with our tax dollars. Work overseen by the LRSA (in consultation with
the Muni) includes snow removal, graveling and other ice control, pothole repairs, crack
sealing, and eventually repaving and ditch rehabilitation when needed.

The Valli Vue HOA board has heard from many concerned homeowners regarding the
road and ditch work that began last summer. As an advocate for the community, we have
written two letters detailing everyone's concerns to the Valli Vue LRSA, and we have
recently received a reply. This correspondence can be found on the home page of the
HOA website at We share the concerns of many residents regarding
the ditch issues and the manner in which the remaining project work may be completed,
but the HOA board is just one voice speaking for the community in general. To add your
voice or address specific issues, contact the Valli Vue LRSA via Russell Butler ( or 907-250-0567) and/or contact Courtney Petersen, the LRSA coordinator at the Muni Public Works department ( or 907-343-8191).

Here are the latest updates from the HOA.  They may take a moment to load, depending on your internet speed.  Please click on the link below to view previous notices.  The mailings are copies of notices that have been sent out in the traditional, physical mail.

History of Valli Vue

The Valli Vue community covenants were completed and signed on September 4, 1973.

1970s Subdivision developed with community water system, fire hydrants and water storage capabilities. Home building accelerated during the Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) construction project.

1980s With ongoing home construction accelerating and many pressing community needs roads in the subdivision were paved in the mid-1980's. Development of the spring cleanup program wherein winter, wind and weather damaged brush and tree limbs are removed by the homeowners association.

1990s The subdivision is fully developed with only one or two vacant lots. The spruce bark beetle has dramatically impacted south central Alaska and has resulted in the loss of many old growth spruce trees. The neighborhood has spent much effort in spraying to protect and subsequently needing to remove many dead trees to reduce fire hazards.

2000s Valli Vue continues to be a quality community with water and fire hydrants, paved streets, street lights, and Local Road Service Area (LRSA) road maintenance at a cost less than half that in other areas of Anchorage. 

Many of those living in Valli Vue have been here since the early 1970s and may have much to offer on significant neighborhood history and development timelines.


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