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Valli Vue Spruce Tree Call to Action

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Here is a copy of the postcard the Valli Vue HOA sent out in 2019. The text reads as follows:

This year's drought and spruce beetle infestation have taken its toll on Valli Vue's spruce trees, nearly every property has at least one beetle killed tree. Your action is required to save the rest of our trees, and reduce your future costs associated with removing and replacing the dead trees. Two options to save your spruce from the beetles are pesticide spray and watering. A tree service can spray your trees with an insecticide containing carbaryl (e.g., Sevin) that has been shown to be effective for two growing seasons before needing to reapply. The tree's natural defense is to try to push invading beetles out using their sap, to do this they need a slow release form of watering over a long period of time. This can be in the form of rain or laying a soaker hose around the drip line of the trees. If you have spruce on your property that have turned brown and there are numerous small drill holes in the trunk, it has been killed by beetles and NEEDS to be cut down, debarked/burned or removed from the property BEFORE May. Beetle killed trees remain hosts for the next season of beetles to take flight for nearby trees to kill starting in May. Beetle killed trees are also a fire hazard, and could fall onto people or houses.

In order to help alleviate costs to homeowners, Valli Vue HOA is currently negotiating a discounted rate with tree service companies to remove beetle killed trees during a specific time period this fall. Please stay tuned for further communication regarding discounted tree removal dates.


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