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Valli Vue September-October Newsletter

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


ANNUAL MEETING: Scheduled for Thursday, October 15th, 2020 at 7pm. The meeting will be held online via Zoom. The link is provided at the bottom of the page. If you have already sent back the proxy form, no action is further needed.


SIGNS: No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view of any Lot except one professional sign advertising the property for sale or rent. Please, no political signs.

EASEMENTS (including trees overhanging the roadway): The easement area of each Lot and all improvements in it shall be maintained continuously by the Owner of the Lot, except for those improvements for which a public authority or utility company is responsible. Please ensure that trees growing near the roadway would not hit a tall delivery truck.


Water Tank Interior Repainting: Sandblasting and other surface preparation commenced on 9/10, and the painters should be done by tomorrow afternoon, after which the new epoxy paint will need to cure for at least a week before the tank can be refilled. Meanwhile, the well is pumping directly into the pressure tank, which results in cloudy tap water due to more dissolved air. The fire department is aware that our water system would provide only limited water until the 200,000-gallon storage tank is back online sometime during the week of 9/28.

Water Leak Repair near Main Tree & O'Malley: NUS, our water system contractor, expects approval from the Muni to close the short section of Main Tree between Lone Tree and O'Malley beginning next Tuesday or Wednesday (9/22 or 9/23) for two days while they excavate and repair the service lines in the area. Houses south of Lone Tree should expect some brief service interruption, and NUS has indicated that exploratory work may result in an unanticipated interruption to some or all of the system. A system-side interruption would result in Boil Water notices. Now would be a good time to refresh your emergency water jugs.

COMING SOON: This newsletter and others will be available at Check the website as well as Valli Vue on for current announcements.


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