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Valli Vue LRSA Letter to Homeowners- Updated

Updated: Oct 28, 2021


Updated with the correct phone number for Mike Markie.


Winter is here! Your friendly, volunteer, LRSA board is in charge of winter snow removal and road maintenance/safety. Please review these frequently asked questions before contacting your Valli Vue LRSA Board:

Q: When will the plows be out after a snowfall?

A: After 3” or more of snowfall. Please make sure your cars are off the roadway and no other obstacles are in the way of the snowplows.

Q: What if there is less than 3” of snowfall?

A: Plows will be sent out after two consecutive snowfalls of less than 3”

Q: I have an issue with the snowplow service. When should I report and to whom?

A: Please give our contractor time to clear driveways after they plow, especially after high snowfall events. They will come back to clear roads and push back ditches if/where needed.

If you have an issue or urgent concern, please text/message Mike Markie, LRSA Board Member, at 907-315-0952. Be sure to include your address in your text/message.

Q: I have a private contractor for my driveway snow removal. Are there any restrictions or things I should know?

A: Snow may not be pushed across the road; it must stay on your property. Excessive snow creates issues for road graders and potential hazards for drivers. The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) can issue fines for noncompliance.

Q: I can’t get to my mailbox after the roads have been plowed. Whose responsibility is this?

A: It is a homeowner’s responsibility to keep mailboxes clear for mail delivery.

Q: Why are there sometimes delays in snow removal?

A: There are very few snow removal companies left in Anchorage. Our contractor takes care of 18 other subdivisions. Please be patient.

Q: What is a LRSA board?

A: LRSA’s are service areas established by the Anchorage Assembly to provide limited road maintenance services for rural roads on the Anchorage hillside. Each service area has a locally elected Board of Supervisors (Board). These positions are volunteer (unpaid).

For more information about LRSA’s, please visit Municipal Road Maintenance Service Areas LRSA/RRSA (Limited Road Service Area/Rural Road Service Area) For a map, please visit Valli_Vue-LRSA.pdf (

Interested in being on your Valli Vue LRSA Board?

There are currently two openings. Please contact Mike Markie at 907-315-0952.

Thank you and have a great winter!


The original PDF:

Valli Vue LRSA letter to homeowners October 2021_updated
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