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March Newsletter

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Valli Vue Property Owners Association

911 W 8th Ave Suite 101 PMB 1

Anchorage, AK 99501


MARCH 2023


The 2023 Assessments for Valli Vue Estates are $675.00. All payments are due by March 31st to

avoid additional fees. If you would like to make your payment online but have not set up a

homeowner’s portal, please contact the Association Manager, Dannielle, through email at or via phone at (907) 531-5756.


The Valli Vue Spring Clean Up will be taking place the week of May 21st, 2023. This is an annual

event within the community that provides Homeowners with the opportunity to dispose of lawn

clippings, green waste, and small tree limbs. This year the Association is contracted with Gage

Tree Service. In addition to the clean up, they are offering 10% off all tree services on any proposal accepted by June 30, 2023 for residents. Detailed information regarding the clean up will be distributed to Homeowners and placed on the website in April.


For Homeowners interested in spraying trees to prevent spruce bark beetle infestation, consider

contacting a local tree service now, as appointments are filling up quickly. Typically, there is an

initial charge for the spraying and then an additional charge for each tree.

The Society of American Foresters seedling sale is currently open. Only three varieties of trees

are left, so now is the time to order. For more information, visit their website at Cook Inlet Seedling Sale ( email


The covenants for Valli Vue Estates require Homeowners to apply and receive approval before

making modifications to the exterior of their residence or property. You can now conveniently

submit Design Review Requests through your online portal. The traditional form on the

community’s website at is also available to print if you prefer. If you have any

questions or need assistance, please contact the Association Manager, Dannielle.

Did you know?

Valli Vue has a fantastic website that provides information and resources for the community.

Some of these include copies of the governing documents and budgets, meeting minutes, and

contact information for each entity that provides services to the community. The website can be

located at


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