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March Newsletter

Valli Vue Estates Property Owners March Newsletter 2021

Save the Date: Spring Clean Up 2021: May 17th, 2021. Leaves and tree trimmings must be on the shoulder of the road in front of your property no later than May 16th . Clean up will commence the morning of May 17th. Unlike previous years, limbs larger than 4 inches in diameter will not be accepted. (Surely someone would be glad to have those for firewood!) More details will follow in the April newsletter.

HOA Dues: Annual dues are payable on the first of the year and are considered delinquent if not paid by March 31st . Per Administrative Resolution #1 as updated March 3, 2020, “Delinquent accounts … will be assessed a fifty dollar ($50) late charge. An additional twenty-five-dollar ($25) charge will be made each month or partial month thereafter until the assessment, administrative, and legal charges are paid.”

Bird Feeders: Per Municipality of Anchorage code, all bird feeders must be down from April 1st through November 30th. If you do not take down your feeder, and inadvertently feed a bear, you are at risk of being fined.

Is Your House Wiring Corroding Your Water Supply Line? If your home was built in the 70s or 80s, it is likely that your home is grounded to your water pipes, and stray currents from faulty appliances could cause electrolytic corrosion of your water supply line. This is thought to be the probable cause of the Main Tree leak last year. That leak was beneath the street, between the main and the key box; therefore, the HOA footed the nearly $60k bill via savings from your dues over the years, but the next leak could be between the key box and your house and would be your responsibility. Although the cost would be much less – no road restoration – such a leak would be neither cheap nor convenient.

The Valli Vue Estates Board would like to encourage homeowners to ensure that their electrical grounding up to code. Our understanding of grounding is as follows:

• Current code requires two ground rods wired to the meter base and another wire grounding the meter base to the water line.

• The service conduit emerging from the soil and running to the base of the meter may have shifted over the years (settling, earthquakes, frostjacking) and could pinch and short the supply lines and grounding wires, resulting in a fire hazard as well as disrupting your service.

We recommend using a licensed and bonded electrician to evaluate the grounding of your home. Follow their advice for best protecting your home.

Spruce Beetles: Last year the spruce beetle infestation took a toll on Valli Vue's spruce trees. We encourage homeowners to remove all standing dead trees prior to the Valli Vue Estates Property Owners March Newsletter 2021 next beetle emergence, which typically occurs about mid-May. Dead or dying trees act as hosts to the beetle larvae and will likely infect new trees the following spring. Freshly cut wood of any variety is an attractant to beetles, so if you would like to retain the wood from your felled trees, we recommend you take a few precautions.

• First, fell your trees sooner than later so that the wood may begin the drying process. Strip the bark off the tree and dispose of it, and keep the wood covered with a tarp. If you do not wish to keep the wood on your property, you can have it removed by a tree company, or dispose of it at the Anchorage Solid Waste Transfer Station or the Municipal Wood lot off 100th Ave and C Street if it opens in time.

• We recommend you do not wait until the Valli Vue Spring Cleanup in May, as you risk attracting beetles to your property since the adult beetles typically emerge just before or at about that same time.

Maintaining good tree health by watering and fertilizing trees can help boost a tree’s natural defense system. Spraying with insecticide is the surest way to prevent beetle infestation, although there is the potential for negative side effects. If you decide to spray, sign up soon because the tree service companies are typically fully booked by early April.

In accord with the Valli Vue HOA covenants, please submit all tree removal plans to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval to prevent later controversy. Kaitlyn Jackson (907-333-1244 or, our managing agent, will pass requests to the ACC. Use the Design Review Request form ( > Docs & Maps > Request Forms) to ensure that your request includes all needed information. We value your time and will expedite this process as we receive requests.

Alaska Management Group

Managing Agent: Kaitlyn Jackson


Phone: (907) 333-1244

2825 Rose St., Suite 202

Anchorage, AK 99508

2021.03 Valli Vue Newsletter Draft
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