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LRSA Response Letter to HOA

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Valli Vue Limited Road Service Area

Board of Supervisors

March 15, 2023

To: Valli Vue Estates Homeowners Association

Board of Directors

From: Valli Vue Limited Road Service Area

Board of Supervisors

Subject: Response to HOA letter dated January S, 2023

Your letter to the LRSA Board was received timely. We have prepared answers to your concerns and believe they cover the range of issues raised. The LRSA board meets quarterly as a matter of course and as needed for any critical issues needing immediate attention.

Your letter points out the HOA board, or representatives, had conversations with Maury Robinson and two others from the Public Works Department to provide clarity regarding the contracting process for the recent ditch project in Valli Vue. Please be assured that prior to any work begun here, Maury Robinson, who is the Municipal LRSA representative for all service areas, met with Mike Markie, our contract administrator on numerous occasions prior to work starting to outline the process and assignment of the contractor, Northern Gravel. To clarify, although the roads are owned and maintained by Valli Vue Estates, the right of way (ROW) - to include the ditches - belong to the Municipality.

It was upon Mr. Robinson's recommendation that because the ditches had not been cleaned or maintained in what he thought to be 40 years (+or-), this would be the year to complete that overdue maintenance concern. Northern Gravel was determined and selected by the Municipality to be the best qualified contractor for the job. I cannot detail the process they use for selection as it may be on a rotating basis, a bid basis, or some other method - but the LRSA is not involved in determining the contractor. Agree however, as stated in your letter, Northern Gravel is said to have a good reputation, is a licensed contractor, been in business for many years, knows and has the experience to do the work and most important, has the necessary equipment required to complete the project.

To the point of your letter, the following details our project completion schedule starting in June and the rational for proposing these dates:

*Our unusual snowfall this winter will most likely cause a delay in beginning any road repairs. It is customary to start work after spring cleanup when homeowners are able to do yard cleanup and allows the contractor to complete pickup and sweeping. We are hoping for a

gradual snow melt and thaw so we don't have any excessive erosion during runoff. We can only hope - but that will be a determining factor for the road work to be started.

*Once the timing is set, the contractor will do some minor excavation of the erosion areas. They will not remove any dirt but will smooth out areas of any dirt disturbed - then placing erosion mats in areas deemed necessary. All ditches will be raked and remove all rocks. Then, rebuilding of all shoulders will be done using a material called RAP (recycled, asphalt pavement). This material has economic and environmental benefits and will prevent erosion of shoulders and grass growing up along the edges of the road.

*The final task will be to come thru the subdivision and top soil will be placed in rocky areas where grass will not grow to be followed by hydro seeding. If for some reason we experience a dry summer, the contractor will come thru with a water truck to keep the hydro seed wet.

Valli Vue Estates was extremely fortunate when then Senator Jan Faiks secured a state designated grant in the 1980's that paid the cost of paving our roads which met all design standards at the time. We as the LRSA Board of Supervisors will continue to do the best job possible to complete all work required under our scope that meets our responsibilities. Like you, we are Valli Vue residents and homeowners who want our subdivision to be the best in South Anchorage because we all have pride in taking care of our properties. Mike will continue to meet with homeowners to answer their questions in a timely manner.

Mike Markie, Valli Vue LRSA Contract Administrator

Jewel Jones, LRSA Board of Supervisors

Kirk Warren, LRSA Board of Supervisors

Paul Strand, LRSA Board of Supervisors

Ben Padgett, LRSA Board of Supervisors

CC: Maury Robinson, Public Works Administration


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