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December Newsletter 2020

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Valli Vue Newsletter 2020_12 FINAL
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Valli Vue Estates Property Owners

December Newsletter 2020

Association Business:

Dues and Fees -- At the general meeting in October, the homeowners present were in accord with the Board of Directors decision to increase annual dues by 10% (the maximum allowable by the By Laws without a vote by the homeowners), and they approved a special assessment of $100 per lot (see attached budget). These increases are needed to ensure timely maintenance of our aging water system and provide a cushion against emergencies. Our reserves have been depleted by repainting the interior of the water tank, fixing the water leak at the south end of Main Tree, and removing beetle-killed spruce from the common areas. Expense details are available at|HOABusiness|Minutes|Annual2020.

Revise the Covenants? Times have changed since the Covenants were adopted over 40 years ago, and at least two provisions do not reflect the way many of us want to use our properties: (1) nearly all signs are forbidden, and (2) RVs, boats, etc. must be stored behind the front setback line, defined by Municipal code as 30 feet from the edge of the roadway. Changes to the Covenants require approval of 75% of the homeowners and would probably cost ~$10k (~$45 per lot) financed by a special assessment. Please go to and click on the Covenant Change Survey link on the home page to indicate your support or opposition (one vote per household) or send a note via email or snailmail to our managing agent (contact info below).


For snowplowing and gravelling issues, contact Mike Markie on the LRSA board (907-315-0952). Thank you, Mike, for being the liaison with the LRSA plowing subcontractor!

Snow pushed into the roadway may prevent your street from being properly plowed. Per Municipal code, snow from driveways needs to be stored on lots, not in the public roadway.

Cars parked on the roadway will prevent your street from being properly plowed. Please, keep your neighbors and our grader operator happy and park off the street.

⦁ Just because the snow will soon cover it does not mean that pet waste may be ignored. Please be respectful of your neighbors and pick up after your pet.

⦁ Although the bears are finally asleep, garbage cans still need to be stored inside until trash day. Don’t overstuff them, or the ravens will have a field day in front of your house! Other personal property (grills, sleds, bikes, toys, etc.) should be neatly stored.

⦁ With the holidays nearing, ensure your friends and family are parked in the appropriate areas. Please do not block access for other residents.

⦁ Heading on vacation for long periods of time? Make sure to have someone periodically check your home for leaks or heating outages. Check your personal insurance policy to make sure your covered should a loss occur while you are away.

Alaska Management Group office will be closed on December 24th & 25th, as well as December 31st & January 1st. The staff here at AMG want to wish you all Happy Holidays!


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