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  • Valli Vue

Cost of Snow Removal

The following are problems which are not only costing each homeowner money, they are also causing delays in getting our roads plowed properly.

1. Snow is not to be pushed into the roadway. When a homeowner shovels out or has his driveway plowed, the snow is to be placed on his property - not in the public roadway. It is costing extra to have this snow removed.

2. Cars left on roadway will result in the area not being properly plowed. This also costs more when homeowners call and complain that the road be graded again and the grader is sent out a second time only to find cars on the roadway blocking his path.

3. Mailboxes have been a big problem for the grader. Quite a few boxes are not high enough for the grader to get its blade under them. Mailboxes not meeting the Post Office height requirements may not be plowed out in the future.

4. Cost of snow removal, including the extra costs for the above items, all come out of the property owners' pockets.

Your help in working with the proper removal of snow will be most appreciated by everyone (especially in the $$pocketbook$$).


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