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ASD Bus Service Letter

The PDF version of this letter can be accessed here:

23.10.13_VVE_Bus Service
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October 13, 2023

To Whom it May Concern,

Valli Vue Homeowners Association would like to express our unwavering support for

reinstating school bus services in the Valli Vue neighborhood. The decision to remove

bus stops from our community in the winter of 2022 has significantly impacted our families

and our children's safety. It is essential to reconsider this decision for the following

reasons supporting the safety and practicality of Valli Vue roads.

The concerns raised by ASD Transportation regarding steep grades, narrow roads, blind

curves, and accidents are important. However, upon closer examination of Valli Vue's

road infrastructure, it becomes evident that these concerns are not unique to our

neighborhood and can be addressed effectively.

We conducted measurements of random road widths within Valli Vue, including West

Tree, Lone Tree, Main Tree, and Corner Tree. We found that all measurements

consistently reached an approximate width of 24 feet (paved) without the RAP shoulders.

These measurements align with what would be expected in a typical neighborhood. Wider

roads would not be expected and would likely result in an unnecessary increase in capital

costs. In fact, the added rapped shoulder potentially enhances the safety of school bus

traverses compared to the conditions during which ASD previously serviced our


Regarding the concern of deep ditches, if we use Birch Road as an example, which the

bus now traverses multiple times a day during the current school route, we find

comparable ditches. While vegetation can affect visibility of ditches, it is essential to clarify

that the assertion that our neighborhood's ditches are steeper or deeper than those

encountered by ASD daily is inaccurate. The maps shared by ASD clearly show that they

navigate roadways with ditches as deep and steep as those in Valli Vue. The only

difference lies in the higher speed limits and traffic volumes on their current main road

routes, arguably making the main roads less safe than the roads within our neighborhood.

In addressing the "blind corners and steepness" concern, it is worth noting that similar

steepness levels exist on roadways that ASD currently serves, in comparison to Valli

Vue’s, including the alternative route our kids’ buses now take. Site distance challenges

are prevalent throughout the municipality, and if this were a disqualifying factor for bus

routes, it would widely affect routes across the district.

Furthermore, it is important to recognize that children should not be required to walk long

distances, especially during dark and snowy winter months, for their own safety. The

ditching project conducted in 2022-2023 did not alter the road surface. It altered the safe

walking surface, potentially introducing additional hazards to pedestrians, in this case,

our schoolchildren. The safety and well-being of our children should always be a top

priority and having them inside a bus is infinitely safer than walking along any road. While

accidents can happen anywhere, using incidents involving inattentive drivers as a

rationale for bus removal is not justifiable as they can happen anywhere.

Last winter, Valli Vue experienced superior road maintenance compared to the municipal-

managed roads where buses currently operate. Our roads were consistently plowed and

graveled, usually within hours, even during and after the historic snowfall days, and

proved to be among the best-maintained roads in the Municipality. This contrast highlights

the reliability of our neighborhood's maintenance efforts.

In conclusion, we believe that reinstating school bus services in Valli Vue is not only

essential for the safety of our children but also practical, given the road conditions and

the support from our community. It should also be noted that Anchorage’s Public

Transportation buses still drive through and service Valli Vue bus stops without issue. We

strongly urge a reconsideration of this decision.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to a resolution that places

our children's safety at the forefront.

Thank you,

Valli Vue Estates Property Owners Association


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