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April 2022 Newsletter


April 2022


Valli Vue Estates is once again offering the opportunity to assist in the cleanup efforts by having our contractor, Lawns and Landscapes, collect and dispose of green waste from individual homes. Please remember the following when preparing for pick up:

1. All organic materials must be placed along the roadway no later than Monday, May 16th,

for pick up. The contractor will begin moving through the neighborhood on Tuesday, May 17th. Lawns and Landscapes will only make one pass through each street for collection.

2. Please bag leaves, grass clippings, and short branches. Logs and brush should be cut into lengths no longer than four feet and should not exceed 6 inches in diameter.

3. Do not bag gravel. Sweep it in a windrow along the roadway, where the LRSA will sweep it up after the spring cleanup has occurred.

4. DO NOT place appliances, furniture, tires, batteries, hazardous waste, construction debris, or garbage out. The contractor will not pick up these items.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Association Manager, Dannielle, at


In 2020, we all paid for a significant leak on Main Tree through an increase in dues the following year. The probable cause was electrolytic corrosion of a water supply line due to a stray current from less-than-perfect wiring or appliances in a nearby house. When constructed, Valli Vue houses were allowed to be grounded to the water pipes, making such failures nearly inevitable. Current code requires separate grounding via copper rods driven into the earth. If each home is brought up to code, the chance of pipe failure and further expenses for our community are significantly reduced.

If the water pipe fails in your yard, it will be your responsibility to pay for repairs, including digging up your yard. If the pipe fails beyond your property, then the whole association pays. Therefore, the Valli Vue Estates Board highly encourages homeowners to bring their original electrical grounding up to code.


The covenants for Valli Vue Estates require Homeowners to apply and receive approval before making modifications to the exterior of their residence or property. You can now conveniently submit Design Review Requests through your online portal. The traditional form located on the community’s website at is also available to be printed if you prefer. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Association Manager, Dannielle.


Valli Vue covenants and Municipality ordinances require Homeowners to keep their pets under control and not allow them to roam neighborhoods or have access to other people’s property. Keeping an eye on pets prevents potential dangers such as vehicles, wild animals, and conflicts with neighboring pets.

Did you know?

Valli Vue has a fantastic website that provides information and resources for the community. Some of these include copies of the governing documents and budgets, meeting minutes, information relating to the LRSA, and contact information for each entity that provides services to the community. The website can be located at

Valli Vue Estates Property Owners Association

101 W Benson Blvd Suite 308

Anchorage, AK 99503


A PDF of this newsletter can be found here:

04 2022 Valli Vue Newsletter
Download PDF • 99KB



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