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Approved October 5, 2009

In addition to the snow removal requirements of Contract 27M&O193 (Contract), the Valli Vue Limited Road Service Area (LRSA) would like to stipulate the following conditions for "automatic" response by Western Construction and Equipment (WC&E). The Valli Vue LRSA expects a premium quality of winter road service. We are aware that WC&E has several other areas to service but we do not want to be relegated to a lesser degree of maintenance to fit in with other groups. It is more important to the LRSA that roads be cleared by the rush hour commute in the morning and afternoon. It is the contractor's responsibility to be aware of snow conditions and forecast.

When to Plow
Snow accumulations of 2" or more when

1) snow has ceased or

2) substantially more snow is forecast and rush hour is approaching.

a. Effective snow accumulation should be determined at deepest point in subdivision.

b. Particular attention should be paid to slushy conditions when removal before freezing should take precedent over depth considerations.

3) clear snow from all roads in Valli Vue PRIOR to rush hour. Most home owners are on the roads starting around 7 AM and return to the subdivision starting at about 4 PM. Roads should be plowed by those times.

Snow Clearing
All roads, intersections and cul-de-sacs are to be completely cleared of snow the full width of the road surface. No snow should be left in the center but rather plowed to the side. Intersections and cul-de-sacs should be given the same quality of snow plowing as regular roads. Cul-de-sacs are probably better plowed with regular pick-up plow trucks rather than large graders than cannot make the turning radius and generate homeowner complaints.

Snow Berms at Driveways, Fire hydrants and Trailheads
A plow truck(s) should accompany the snow grader to keep snow berms at a minimum as required and is practical. Driveways, mail boxes, fire hydrants and trailheads to the Main Tree - Lone Tree trail should be kept clear of snow berms to the extent possible. A front end loader can be used for clearing these areas but only when necessary and with the explicit permission of the Contract Administrator.

Sanding should be applied as necessary, especially on hills and intersections. Sanding other sections of road system should only occur in extremely icy conditions. Material used must be up to contract specifications. Gravel with a lesser the amount of fines, such as that used during the Winter of 2008/2009, seemed to work well.

Invoices should be e:mailed to the Contract Administrator for approval.

Contract Administrator
Please contact (1) Contract Administrator, (2) LRSA Chairman, (3) LRSA Vice-Chairman or (4) other LRSA Board Member if any questions arise as to appropriateness of winter road maintenance.

The current LRSA Board members can be found on the LRSA Board page, and their point of contact is listed on the Contacts page.

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