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Valli Vue LRSA Meeting Notes
October 8, 2018

Members Present: Paul Strand, Andy Ming, Mike Markie, Jewel Jones Ed Canfield, Bonanza Realty

Paul presented information from the Municipality regarding the Valli Vue fund balance after bills paid for work completed this summer. That amount is $44,070. Bids came in higher than expected with only two contractors submitting.

We expect $114,000 when the 2019 Municipal budget is approved for 2019 which will be used for continued maintenance projects. The LRSA is aware of the culvert problem that needs repair on West Tree however the estimates are very high, but the board will continue discussions for resolution.

Jewel Jones reported on the HALO meeting held last week regarding the Hillside LRSA Consolidation Initiative. Representatives from all Hillside Community Councils are on the committee reviewing the proposal which would possibly (1) consolidate the 44 current LRSA's into 4, (2) create 1 Service Area like the Chugiak/Birchwood/Eagle River area, or (3) continue as is.

This initiative is of particular interest to Valli Vue because we are a well-established service area with a healthy fund balance and reasonable mill rates that provides the funding to maintain our roads. We will ask a HALO representative to come to the annual meeting to give a brief overview of the initiative and status going forward. We encourage homeowners to learn more about the HALO organization and keep abreast of the committee's work. They will continue reviewing the pros and cons thru 2019 with proposals going the Assembly in late fall next year. Any changes to the current structure will need to be approved but Hillside voters.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Meeting Notes prepared by Jewel Jones

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