Here are the past notices for the neighborhood, sorted by subject.  Please note the year in which they were made (found under the title).

Current Water Report


The Valli Vue water system maintenance contractor is Northern Utilities Services. They can be contacted at 907-222-4084. Visit to view the current "Annual Drinking Water Quality Report". New reports are posted by the end of June for the previous year. 

Visit the Water System page for the most recent water quality report and the archived reports.

Homeowner with a Septic Tank?


If you own a home with a septic system or are thinking about buying a home with a septic system, you might want to click the below link for more information. Starting May 1, new Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) regulations for septic systems go into effect that will definitely affect you. Click here (article on ADN) to read more about the new Anchorage septic tank regulations.

Valli Vue Hard Water and Your Plumbing


Valli Vue has hard water that is tasty but can adversely affect
appliances and plumbing. Heating or evaporating hard water can cause dissolved solids to precipitate and deposit as scale. Click here (a PDF put together by David Ward and David Kranich) to read more about the issues concerning hard water and plumbing.

Water System Condition Survey


The Valli Vue Homeowner's Association has contracted Northern Utilities Services to asses the condition of the Key Box and Service Valves throughout the Valli Vue water system. Click here to see a copy of the notice sent to homeowners.

Tree Removal Guidelines


In considering applications for tree removal, the Board will apply the following guidelines:

1. Applications should be presented to the Board at a Board meeting or may be presented to any Board member. Except in case of emergency, the Board must be given an opportunity to act upon applications before trees may be removed.

2. The following may justify tree removal:

a. When new construction requires removal, provided that the new construction is approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

b. When removal is needed to allow the necessary installation or upgrade of septic systems.

c. When trees have died or when, due to damage or disease, they are likely to create a hazard.

Visit the Contacts page to find out how to get in touch with the Board.

Fencing Policy



Article V, Use Restrictions and Architectural Control Section 9, Architectural Control

The Valli Vue P.O.A. requires the review and approval of any new or revised fencing proposed in the subdivision. The Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee have approved the following guidelines for fencing:

  • Maximum of six foot fence height.

  • Chain link okay for backyard or off street use.

  • Fence facing any street to be either wood or wood faced with wood inserts for chain link fencing.

  • Fence setback from front or side street(s) to be equal to or greater than the setback in effect for the existing house structure.

  • Chain link fencing requires the Homeowner secure the concurrence of adjoining neighbors for installation.

Notwithstanding these guidelines, all plans must be consistent with Municipal Zoning requirements and submitted in writing for approval to the Architectural Control Committee or Board of Directors.

If a Homeowner believes that there are extenuating circumstances, fencing may be reviewed by the Board.

Cost of Snow Removal


The following are problems which are not only costing each homeowner money, they are also causing delays in getting our roads plowed properly.

1. Snow is not to be pushed into the roadway. When a homeowner shovels out or has his driveway plowed, the snow is to be placed on his property - not in the public roadway. It is costing extra to have this snow removed.

2. Cars left on roadway will result in the area not being properly plowed. This also costs more when homeowners call and complain that the road be graded again and the grader is sent out a second time only to find cars on the roadway blocking his path.

3. Mailboxes have been a big problem for the grader. Quite a few boxes are not high enough for the grader to get its blade under them. Mailboxes not meeting the Post Office height requirements may not be plowed out in the future.

4. Cost of snow removal, including the extra costs for the above items, all come out of the property owners' pockets.

Your help in working with the proper removal of snow will be most appreciated by everyone (especially in the $$pocketbook$$).

Covenant Committee Due Process


Whereas Alaska Statutes, Section 34.08.320 (a) (11) provides the associations may, "after notice and an opportunity to be heard, levy a reasonable fine for violation of the declarations, bylaws and regulations of the associations". (Click here for link.)


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