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Valli Vue LRSA Meeting Notes May 1, 2017

Present: Bill Rathke; Paul Strand; Jewel Jones - Board Members
Burt and Yamely Wallace - Homeowners

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. Quorum Present

Paul Strand, Valli Vue LRSA Contract Administrator presented the bill from Cooley Company for the first sweeping that occurred last week. The bill amount is $3,161.00 which has a 5% discount if paid timely by the Municipality. A separate bill for $280.00 was presented for water with no discount is available. Discussion and line item review was held and approved to send to the Municipality for payment.

Burt and Yamely Wallace presented their request asking the LRSA to immediately pursue the installation of speed humps on Main Tree Drive. They report a number of speeding cars, especially during mid-day that is dangerous with high potential for accidents. They also report seeing a truck pass a school bus that was unloading children on Main Tree. Bill outlined the previous discussions with traffic engineering in the past regarding our request which has resulted in no action. Past Municipal administrations have been opposed to installations but it was agreed that speeding in the subdivision has increased to include Lone and West Tree. We have a number of young children on bikes and walkers throughout the day which requires the subject to be reopened with the MOA. The speed humps on Main Tree in the Rockhill Subdivision seem to be very effective. Bill will reopen discussion with Maury Robinson, Public Works Administrator for LSRA Districts and report back at the June meeting. He will include reminding the MOA that we have the money in our budget for this expenditure.

Paul reported he responded to the MOA about our summer projects. Pending sufficient funds available, we would like to pave-over Double Tree, Corner Tree and Crooked Tree Circle which represent the last areas that have not been completed.

Spring Clean Up notices were mailed to all homeowners from Bonanza Realty this week and will give details for the 2017 pickup.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Notes prepared by Jewel Jones, Board Member

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