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Valli Vue LRSA Meeting Notes November 1, 2010

Present: Bill Rathke, Ben Padgett, Russ Kucinski, Paul Strand
Absent: Ida Daily
Note Taker: Ben Padgett

1. Meeting commenced at 8:30 PM at the Christ Church during HOA meeting.

2. Notes from October meeting were approved.

3. There were no changes to the agenda

4. Repaving Project
Discussed budget for next construction season, decided to wait another year before continuing paving to allow additional tax revenue to be added to the budget reserve.

Discussed possibility of obtaining a grant for paving West Tree. Bill Rathke agreed to contact Representative Kevin Meyer to discuss possibility of a grant.

5. Newsletter
Bill Rathke agreed to draft a newsletter to be mailed to Valli Vue residents directly from the LRSA. This would improve LRSA recognition, improve communication between residents and the LRSA, and help residents understand the purpose and responsibilities of the LRSA. We agreed to spend no more than $500 to prepare and distribute the newsletter.

6. Board Member Responsibilities
Russ Kucinski is leaving the state within a few months and his seat will be vacant. We decided to transition his responsibilities to other Board members before he leaves. Paul Strand was elected to the position of Contract Administrator and Ben Padgett was elected Board Secretary.

A replacement for Russ will be needed. Bill Rathke agreed to contact the Muni Elections Clerk and find out if we can obtain the results of the last election, as several write-in votes were cast. We may contact those people to see if they are interest in becoming a Board member.

7. Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

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